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Micro-Compact Home [m-ch]
location: Worldwide

design: Concept & development - Richard Horden
teaching assistants & students:
V. Blacker-Sturm, B. Franke, V. Gruber, I. Haack, C. Hainzlmeier, W. Klasz, S. Koch, B. Matern, H. Müller, D. Oswald, M. Penev, W. Seidler, T. Tuhkanen, A. Volger, T. Wessbecher

web: www.microcompacthome.com

Daily life has been transformed by the arrival of technologies such as the internet, flat-screen television, and wireless phones as well as by improvements in domestic appliances like micro-wave ovens, fridge freezers and LED lights. In addition, building technologies are advancing in the wake of aerospace, marine and auto industries, enabling new opportunities for living spaces with higher performance and less material.

It is now possible to live much better on a smaller scale. The storage for books was once an essential part of learning or research, and the ownership of objects and rooms to store them in an essential expression of wealth. Today we acquire knowledge from the internet and wealth is expressed by a high degree of physical and intellectual mobility. The luxury is in the compact technologies that allow us the greatest freedom of movement.

We can now touch and be touched by the world from a tiny space. The 'm-ch' is both a luxury and necessity on a small scale, a high quality home space for short stay living.

By January 2011 there have been fifteen micro compact homes built. Installations have been made for The Museum of Modern Art in New York, UBS Bank in Zurich Switzerland, O2 Telecom in Germany and for various private clients with sites overlooking Lake Zurich and now planned for Lake Maggiore near Ascona and at Millbrook in New York State.