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Ministry of Mass


The Ministry of Mass is a collective of makers founded in 2012 to provide comments, criticism and reflection on our current practices as a producing and consuming culture.

Western Culture is drifting away from its natural state towards an artificial state characterised by hyperconsumption, overabundance, indifference and partial attention. Consumers are presented with more choice than ever and the quality of the bulk of products has sunk to never seen lows. The remaining critical mass makes efforts to avoid the lifestyles of hyperconsumption adopted by the masses and searches for valuable objects. These objects are becoming more and more valuable as they become more scarce.

Our goal is to create a series of objects that reflect on the diminishing relation between Man and Nature and ascertains a new perspective. We wish to create a series of objects that reintroduce Nature in the Life of Man. Objects that matter.

We have studied four aspects that are deficiently represented in Western Culture yet essential for the return to our natural state. These four aspects: Reflection, Patience, Focus and Release provide a basis for the objects.


Interieur Kortrijk - Lensvelt bv Breda - Einladung

Visit us in Hall 6 / Booth 614 at Kortrijk Interieur 2012.

Lensvelt will present the highest booth of the Kortrijk event, with a splendid collection of the Lensvelt On Stock furniture completed with a multi media experience. Don't miss it!

Guests of Lensvelt and LABEL are invited for a breakfast in the showroom in Breda (just near A27) during the weekdays of the event. The breakfast is served from 7:00 until 10:00.

If you want to attend, please mail m.nijhoff@lensvelt.nl.

For more details about the event check www.interieur.be"